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teeth whitening

At Victoria Place Dental Practice in the heart of beautiful Biggleswade, Bedfordshire we have a wealth of experience when it comes to teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening can be used in combination with other services such as teeth straightening or bonding to further enhance the aesthetics of a smile.

And with our unique and incredible offer you could have free teeth whitening top us for years and years to come to keep your smile gleaming bright. See below for full details.

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Frequently asked questions about our teeth whitening offer

Teeth whitening can be perfectly safe. At Victoria Place Dental Practice in beautiful Bedfordshire our dentists are very experienced in teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching. The products we supply are perfectly safe to use provided your mouth is in a fit state. We will thoroughly examine your mouth for any risk factors that may cause you sensitivity or problems. 

For this very reason we advise patients to be wary of products purchased over the internet or supplied by anyone other than a registered dental professional. They may not be legal for oral use or supplied by people who may not even examine your mouth and wouldn’t know what to look for if they did. A simple google search will show you the horror stories of teeth whitening that has gone wrong or commercial bleach products more suited to cleaning swimming pools being supplied to the unwary over the internet. 

The cost of teeth whitening can vary greatly depending on where you have it done and by whom it is supplied.

Non professionals can obviously supply products cheaper but you wont know if they are legal or safe, they won’t examine your mouth to know if you have any risk factors and you wont have any protections from the dental profession if things go wrong.

Our dentists can offer you a haircut or do your nails very cheaply. We have drills, scissors and scalpels. Would you trust us near your hair or fingertips with them? Think about applying the same critical thinking to your mouth before buying teeth whitening from a beauty salon. You wouldn’t ask your local plumber to do you a cheap heart bypass now would you?

Teeth whitening is also not a permanent effect. It wears off and has to be redone periodically to maintain the whiteness. A washed car doesn’t stay clean and neither does a white t-shirt if you use them. Similarly whitened teeth will get stained again by various foods and drinks.

At Victoria Place Dental Practice in the heart of beautiful Bedfordshire we think we have a teeth whitening offer that cannot be beaten by anyone, anywhere that covers all these issues;

Professional teeth whitening for just £199 with FREE top ups every six months*.

*subject to our terms and conditions.

Victoria Place Dental Practice offers Professional Teeth Whitening for £199 with ongoing top-ups every six months for FREE subject to these terms and conditions:

1. The final decision to accept any applicant for this offer lies with the clinical decision of our practice principal Dr Raj Ahlowalia.

Patients agree to Dr Ahlowalia examining their mouth and deeming them fit for whitening treatment.

We care about the health of our patients’ teeth as much as they do. We would sincerely like to provide tooth whitening for everyone who asks but must ensure the health and fitness of their teeth and oral tissues first.

If a patient’s mouth is found to be completely unfit to receive tooth whitening procedures we will advise what treatment is required to bring the mouth to a fit state of health for whitening. This may be nothing more than a simple cleaning and descaling to remove surface debris from the teeth, equally it may be more complex.

It may be that there will be some suspect areas of the mouth that will likely experience sensitivity but not necessarily need any dental repair and we will advise where these areas are and how to deal with any sensitivity that may arise.

It is the responsibility of each patient to maintain their own oral health and of course it is their choice where to have any recommended dental treatment undertaken.

All patients will be welcome to have our dentists provide recommended treatment but they are free to go to any dentist of their choice. If patients choose to have recommended treatment elsewhere they’ll only be charged our standard fees for the consultation, examination and any other investigations such as radiographs (x-rays). Patients will of course be very welcome to reapply for this offer once the recommended treatment has been completed, subject to us checking it has been completed competently.

2. Once accepted for our Whiter Teeth* offer we will provide patients with ongoing FREE Tooth Whitening Top-Ups on the simple condition that they attend for a standard examination and if necessary a hygienist appointment every six months. We care about your ongoing dental health and the longevity of your bright smile.

Patients agree to undertake any remedial dentistry our dentists advise to maintain their dental fitness for ongoing whitening treatment . In other words the registrant will be accepting us as their ongoing dental practice of choice for their routine dental check-ups at our standard fees.

Patients remain free to seek recommended remedial dental treatment wherever they choose but if not undertaken with our dentists patients agree to seeing and paying for a further standard examination to confirm their fitness for ongoing whitening treatment.

At each six-monthly check up (chargeable at our standard rate) if the oral health is fit (chargeable x-rays may be required to confirm this) our dentists will provide at no additional cost approximately seven more applications worth of home-use low-concentration bleaching agent. Thus, every year our patients receive ongoing teeth whitening top-ups FREE OF CHARGE!

3. It is the responsibility of patients to look after their teeth whitening trays once provided. If these are lost or damaged patients agree to paying the full fee once again to have a new set of bleaching kit trays manufactured.

4. The “Whiter Teeth” offer will remain valid for as long as Dr Raj Ahlowalia remains the principal dentist at Victoria Place Dental Practice Ltd. and patients up-taking our teeth whitening offer attend every six months for a standard examination and hygiene visit if needed and follow our dental health advice.

(Dr Ahlowalia has maintained continuous practice at Victoria Place since September 1991. That’s fast approaching 30 continuous years, he has no intentions of leaving soon.)

5. Patients agree to give at least 24 hours notice if they wish to break an appointment.

We will treat all patients with courtesy and respect always and expect the same in return.

Failure to attend ongoing appointments as agreed will void this agreement.